4 Common Mistakes That Kill Testosterone

Feb 15, 2019

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Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt sluggish? Do you sometimes lack the motivation and drive that you once had when you were younger? Do have have sex less than three times per week? Is there a hint of extra fat hiding your abdominal muscles?

The biggest epidemic for men today – especially in the United States – is low testosterone. Testosterone is under attack in men, because the common diet and lifestyle habits kill testosterone, resulting in depression, low sex drive, increased fat in the abdominal area, and a loss of motivation and energy. Many of men’s common and serious ailments are a direct result of having low testosterone, and most men blame other factors because they don’t even know that they they are low.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes you a man, and it is responsible for your drive, your performance, and even your attractiveness to the opposite sex. However, today’s modern diet and lifestyle wreaks havoc on your testosterone levels, and more men suffer than ever before. If you’ve ever felt like you were losing your edge or had less energy and drive than you did when you were younger, then you may be one of millions of sufferers.

Low testosterone levels are the reason why men feel less desire to “perform,” putting unnecessary strain on marriages, and they are responsible for the lack of drive that some men feel at the office, leading to decreased performance, lackluster results, and lower salaries.

Pharmaceutical companies have pounced on the opportunity – testosterone injections are now a major industry. They come, however, with a host of side effects, which is why they are banned in major sports. Plus, they can be a major hit on your wallet.

Here are five common mistakes that may be hurting your testosterone levels:

Mistake #1: Eating A Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Diet

Your body creates testosterone by synthesizing certain nutrients. Without these building blocks, your body cannot create testosterone. While Western diets preach a low fat, high carb, low cholesterol diet, it can cause trouble in testosterone levels. These diets tend to be low in necessary healthy fats, cholesterol, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and vitamin D. If you suspect that you may be deficient in any of your testosterone building blocks, you may want to consider taking a supplement.

Mistake #2: Long Cardio Workouts

Exercise is vital for testosterone creation. If you do not exercise at all, then you are almost certainly low. However, long cardio works are almost as bad for testosterone levels as no exercise at all. Testosterone production is maximized in short, intense exercises. Rather than going for a long run, consider doing ten minutes of sprints instead. Instead of spending hours in the gym, focus on heavy weight training or circuit training.

Mistake #3: Late Night Television and Computer Use

If you are reading this article after 8 PM, then you’re hurting your testosterone levels. Lighting from TV and computers or tablets block melatonin production when used late at night. Melatonin levels are essential for deep sleep, which is when your body manufacturers testosterone. If you interrupt your deep sleep, then testosterone never gets made. You can counteract some of this by getting proper nutrition or supplementation, preferably a few hours before bedtime.

Mistake #4: Working In An Office

Testosterone production is accelerated by the outdoors, because primal humans evolved to be outside most of the time. Being outdoors provided necessary sunlight, fresh air, and even beneficial bacteria that are all vital health in men. If you work in an office, especially at a computer, your testosterone levels will suffer. If you work in an office, proper nutritional support and supplementation is vital to prevent testosterone loss.

If you are over the age of 25, then natural testosterone production is already on its way down. Inactivity, nutritional deficiencies, poor sleep, and poor working conditions all make matters worse in terms of testosterone.

Low testosterone is responsible for a host of health problems and men, and most men are committing at least some of these common mistakes. As a result, low testosterone is one of the leading epidemics in men in the United States.

If you have experienced decreased energy, lower sex drive, reduced muscle mass, or a loss of your natural “killer instinct,” then you may be low in testosterone.

To support your body’s natural natural production and increase your focus, energy, drive, and performance, these simple diet and lifestyle changes can completely change your body. If you need to counteract these common mistakes and give your body an extra boost, consider taking a natural testosterone booster.






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