4 Easy Body Hacks For The Best Workouts Of Your Life

Feb 15, 2019

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Have you ever wanted to add muscle? Do you want your abs to show when you take off your shirt? Would you be more confident with more muscle and less fat around your stomach?

Getting into the best shape of your life can feel like a long haul, especially when you want to add muscle and lose fat at the same time. It’s easy to feel like you are the only guy without the physique of a Hollywood actor.

Adding muscle and losing fat can be especially difficult if you run out of energy during your workouts, are over the age of 25, or are underweight, because it will be difficult to exercise hard enough in order to produce your desired results.

However, you can accelerate your results by hacking your workouts. By altering the state of your body during workouts and maximizing the optimal hormone release during exercise, you can obtain visible exercise much faster than with diet and exercise alone.

Here are four ways that you can hack your workouts to accelerate fat loss and muscle growth:

Hack #1: Eat Beets

While beets are known as one of the most powerful total body cleansers, they are also one of the greatest workout enhancers. Beets are rich in amino acids that assist in muscle building by bringing more nutrients to the muscles during and after exercise. Most importantly, beets enhance blood flow during while you workout, allowing you to workout longer and harder. In fact, you could achieve some of the benefits of an expensive pre-workout drink by simply eating beets.

In other words, beets give you better workouts. If you have better workouts, then you achieve faster results. It’s that simple.

If you don’t like beets, or you have difficulty adding beets to your diet, consider taking a supplement instead. When looking for supplements, look for muscle enhancers that contain beet root and/or the amino acid L-Arginine.

Hack #2: Hack Your Hormones

Your hormones are the control panel of your body. If your hormones are out of balance, then no amount of exercise will give you the results that you desire. If you’ve had trouble losing fat or adding muscle, consider getting a hormone analysis from your doctor.

The most important hormone hack is to reduce cortisol. Often known as “the stress hormone,” cortisol is released by the body when it is under stress. Cortisol tells the body to store fat, and it takes energy away from muscle building. This is why you tend to gain weight when you are busy or stressed. If you reduce your cortisol levels, you will reduce your body fat, specifically around your midsection.

The second most important hormone hack is to increase testosterone. Testosterone levels directly impact your body’s ability to reduce fat and add muscle. If you experience low energy, low motivation, or difficulty adding muscle, then you may be low in testosterone. You can increase your testosterone production by getting higher quality sleep, eating more healthy fats, eating broccoli and eggs, or by taking a testosterone booster.

Hack #3: Spend Less Time In The Gym

The most common mistake that men make during exercise is spending more than an hour in the gym. If you are spending more than an hour in the gym, then you are resting too much during your workouts and limiting your results.

Your body is capable of adding muscle and losing fat at the same time. To do this, the body works best with short windows of rigorous exercise with very little rest, rather than long, drawn-out exercise with a lot of rest.

Furthermore, testosterone production peaks at about forty-five minutes of rigorous exercise, making longer workouts unnecessary and even detrimental to your results.

NOTE: If your goal is ONLY to gain mass, then longer workouts with more rest may make sense. Long workouts with plenty of rest in between sets can build muscle, but they also store more fat.

Hack #4: Get Back Your Pump

When you exercise, blood flows into the muscles, causing them to swell in size. This is known as your muscle “pump.” This pump is caused by the compound nitric oxide, which allows blood to flow into the muscles, and throughout your body. Nitric oxide is also responsible for your energy during workouts. If you’ve ever felt worn out from a workout, it’s your body running out of nitric oxide.

If you increase your body’s nitric oxide production, then your body can exercise harder. You’ll also get more blood flow to the muscles, resulting in a more impressive pump and more nutrients into the areas that have been exhausted.

You can increase your nitric oxide production through diet by eating beets, almonds, and spinach. However, the easiest and most effective way to quickly boost nitric oxide is by taking a nitric oxide supplement.

The reason most men never achieve the physique that they want is because they do not maximize their workouts. With these hacks, you’ll put your body in the best position to burn fat and add muscle, and even do it at the same time.

To “hack” your body quickly into producing visible results, consider boosting your nitric oxide levels.



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