4 Workout Mistakes That Stunt Muscle Growth

Feb 15, 2019

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Do you want to be in the best shape of your life? Have you ever been confused by the overwhelming amount of information about adding muscle and cutting fat? Do you suspect that some of the information may be completely wrong?

There is more bad information about adding muscle than ever before. In fact, some of what is considered “common knowledge” is based in bad science. As a result, you may not be experiencing the results that you want.

Here are four common mistakes that may hurt your workouts and hinder your muscle growth:

Mistake #1: Going Low Carb

While a low carbohydrate diet has many benefits for fat loss and overall health, it is poor for building muscle in the first place. Carbohydrates are necessary for transporting protein and necessary amino acids to the muscles to begin the rebuilding process after exercise. Without adequate carbs, your body will often take from existing muscle sources, which will counteract your results.

In other words, your body needs carbs to put on muscle, so eat up! If you are going low carb in order to aid in fat loss, consider having one higher-carb meal after you exercise to give your body what it needs to rebuild its muscle tissue.

Mistake #2: Exhausting Your Muscles

While your body needs to be pushed to its limit in order to build muscle, going to complete exhaustion can have the opposite effect. Exhaustion produces more cortisol (the stress hormone), which tells the body to store fat. Therefore, instead of spending its energy in building muscle, your body can spend the same energy to store fat. Yikes!

Instead, aim for exhaustion no more than two times per week, and work your major muscle groups until they are pleasantly tired or sore, but not depleted of all movement. With proper nutrition and supplementation, your body can a better muscle building effect without going to total exhaustion.

Mistake #3: Doing The Same Workout More Than Four Times

Muscle growth happens when the body is forced to adapt to a change. In other words, if you do the same workouts over and over again, then your body does not have to adapt or build muscle. You may gain in strength, but your muscle size will be stunted.

To maximize muscle growth, repeat each workout once per week, and change your workouts every four weeks. For example, work legs on Monday, chest on Wednesday, and back and arms on Friday, and completely change the exercises for each muscle group after four weeks. You can return to the same cycle of workouts every three months. This will keep your body in the optimal muscle building range.

Mistake #4: Ignoring Your Muscle Pump

When you exercise, blood flows into the muscles, causing them to swell in size. This is known as your muscle “pump.” This pump is caused by the compound nitric oxide, which allows blood to flow into the muscles, and throughout your body. Nitric oxide is also responsible for your energy during workouts. If you’ve ever felt worn out from a workout, it’s your body running out of nitric oxide. If you’ve ever felt like you enjoyed a better-than-usual workout or muscle pump, it may be due to temporarily increased nitric oxide levels.

Most men don’t know to pay attention to their nitric oxide levels, which go down as you age. That wreaks havoc for the quality of your workouts and your muscle growth.

If you increase your body’s nitric oxide production, then your body can exercise harder. You’ll also get more blood flow to the muscles, resulting in a more impressive pump and more nutrients into the areas that have been exhausted.

You can increase your nitric oxide production through diet by eating beets, almonds, and spinach. However, the easiest and most effective way to quickly boost nitric oxide is by taking a nitric oxide supplement.

There is more confusion about muscle building than there has ever been. That is because men’s magazines need to make up new information every month in order to keep your buying more information. Plus, there is conflicting information everywhere on the internet. Because of this, gaining muscle can seem like a daunting task.

However, you can “hack” your body to burn fat and add muscle with the right plan. To hack your body quickly into producing visible results, give your body what it needs to maximize workout performance and get into the best shape of your life.






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