Ben Greenfield: The Truth About Eating Low Carb

Feb 15, 2019

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Ben Greenfield is a former body-builder who also participated in Iron Man’s over the past decade. He is a proponent of a low carb lifestyle. Josh and Ben will discuss the pros and cons of a low carb lifestyle as well as the science behind it. 

The Light Bulb Went Off

Ben is the leading expert on a low carb diet. He has produced many podcasts, blogs, and written books about the topic. What lead him to this was having blood tests ran that included high blood sugar levels which could lead him down a road of diabetes, cancer, net inflammation, as well as a host of other factors. These concerns are not only for internal health, but also external health. When you get older, the more blood sugar you have, the more your skin wrinkles as you age.

Build Your Baywatch Body

If you know anything about Ben Greenfield, he’s going to smack you with the science behind his logic and then back it up with his fitness knowledge. He’s a smooth operator. Ben talks about being in a low carbohydrate which is being in a glycogen depleted state or for normal people, the train low approach. It allows you tap into your thrifty genes. No, I’m not talking about thrifty jeans that you get at Goodwill, I’m talking about the genes in your body that know when to tap into those fatty acids and elicit your performance and efficiency in the gym which will burn fat quicker.

The Planets Have Aligned

You are going to be most insulin sensitive after a work out. This is when your planets align and you should eat some carbs. Now, I’m not saying chug 10 protein shakes. Be smart about it! But, also keep your eye on your goal. Another peak time is late afternoon or early evening. Now, here is the key. You need to limit your proteins up and until this peak state happens. This will allow you to go into ketosis more efficiently and effectively. A total daily allowance of protein should be about 30%, but this shouldn’t come in one meal, but over the course of the day.

But let us warn you, when you first start this, your body is going to be craving those carbs, but you must stay strong and not feed your body carbs until after your workout. This is where amino acids become your best friend. This equals to about 10-20 grams of amino acids per hour. Ben suggests a good amino acid powder to go with a good protein shake in the morning.

Give Your Workout A Fist Bump

Ben talks about his top five choices for supplements that you’d be stupid to not take. These will increase your workouts and make your physique how you’ve been trying to get it to look.

1. Creatine

2. Fish Oil

3. Probiotic

4. Cur cumin

5. Plant Oils


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