Darren Casey: Why You Should Be Using an Online Trainer

Feb 15, 2019

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Darren Casey is an online personal trainer and transformational coach to the elite via  www.coachdarrencasey.com and has spent 15 years in the industry. In this episode Josh and Darren discuss their views on fitness and how an online trainer can benefit you and your goals.

“I Work Like 60 Hours a Week.”

Darren exclusively works with business owners and has a background as a personal trainer. He started at a high-end health club specializing in one-to-one training sessions and noticed that busy people were sacrificing their health to pursue their wealth. Darren wanted to better serve a wider audience and started his own online coaching company to enable people to optimize their health and their body. Darren offers programs in twelve-week cycles that are designed for one specific outcome. His programs are like a mentorship, in that he guides you through training and nutrition as well as providing that much needed support.

“I Just Don’t Have Enough Time.”

We’ve this excuse, but honestly, it’s not that people don’t have the time, it’s that their values aren’t in the right order. Initially, people assume they are strapped for time and can’t take care of themselves, prepare healthy food or do the training. Darren likes to dial in deeper to understand where his clients are right now and how their day can be optimized. Here are his top tips:

-Make daily goals to help you from failing off

-Make actions easy to implement

-Focus on the smaller things that you don’t consider to be important

-Dial in more specifically when you start getting progress

We are under the impression that we have to sacrifice taking care of ourselves for financial success. One of the biggest resistances is that workouts take significant time out of your day. It’s important to remember that the workout is the action and the outcome is the consequence of the action.

“I Don’t Know Which Machines To Use.”

Ask yourself ‘what is the purpose of your activity?’ to get clear plan from the outset. If muscle growth is your focus, then how you spend your time is going to be much different than if you want to lose body fat. Darren suggests getting clear on one specific outcome, and set expectations. Some people have a high level of discipline, while others need more support and direction on what they need to do. This is especially true for business professionals who are not used to being told what to do.

 “I Tried A Personal Trainer Once…”

There is so much information available that makes it easy for a beginner to jump from one thing to another and not have consistency with a routine. Darren says it all comes down to your level of investment and what you are willing to ‘invest in yourself’. If you need electrical work in your house, you don’t read a book to teach yourself: you’d hire a professional electrician to do the job and get it done properly. It’s okay to admit you don’t always know the best way to do things. If you invest adequately and get someone to show you the way, then fitness will reward you for many years to come. When you take a step back, it comes down to your priorities as health affects all aspects of your life.

“I Just Don’t Have the Money for a Trainer.”

Taking care of your health is so important. When looking for an online trainer, you need to find someone who will make your health their top priority as well as yours. They need to determine how to make it achievable in your lifestyle. Darren points out that people perceive overweight men and women as not being healthy looking. These are subconscious assumptions to take into consideration when it comes to professional efficiency and competency. The cost of being cheap with your body extends into personal relationships – like who you interact with, who you have sexual relationships with, and how you parent your child. Darren suggests that this is not just a quest for a good physique, but rather a journey of health.

“How Would I Even Go About Finding An Online Coach.”

You have to find a coach who specializes in what you want and understands where you are in your journey. A red flag is someone who is offering their services to everybody, which suggests they are a “Jack of all Trades” but really they are a master of none. If you receive generic answers when you speak to prospective trainers, then you know that they are going to be making assumptions. Josh breaks these tips down further:

-Be clear on your outcome

-Research professionals that have proven track records in your niche

-Contact 3-5 people and ask them how they are going to help you

-Take your time and trial a few sessions online to see how you connect

“What’s This Supplement Business?”

For people aiming for the highly sought after magazine cover, Darren recommends you don’t take supplements until your nutrition is dialed in, and your body is doing what it should be. Building indicators in to show how fuelled you are through normal foods is crucial prior to adding supplements. Once that is figured out, then supplements can be added to fill in any gaps and optimize. The first step to correcting a diet is prepping, making, and cooking all the things you need to take in. We are all strapped for time and can opt for easy pre-made food, but you need to take ownership of what you eat and create a culture of cooking your food. Darren recommends scheduling an hour twice a week to cook your food, such as a Sunday and Wednesday night. This will make things easier. Josh and Darren’s top supplements are BCAA, Whey Protein, and Creatine.


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