Debunking 5 Common Fitness & Health Myths That Won’t Die

Feb 15, 2019

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They have been around forever. Those health and fitness myths we all have heard over and over again. But are they really true? Check out these 5 common fitness and health myths that just won’t die:

1. Eating carbs at night will get stored as fat

This is one that I still hear today and that is still being spread which is false. Although our bodies can adapt and are very intelligent, telling time of day is not one of them when it comes to taking in nutrition.

The body doesn’t know if it’s 5, 6, 7, or 8 o’clock at night when we consume calories. What our bodies do is based on the amount of food we are eating in a day will either lose weight or gain weight depending on if we are eating below or above the maintenance calories that’s based individually. At the end of the day taking in less than your maintenance amount will result in losing weight and taking in more will result in gaining weight.  (1,2)

2. Eating more frequently will stoke your metabolism and helps burn more fat

Debunking_FB_GuestBlogI for one used to follow and preach this before I did research and learned that total energy use comes from the amount of food you eat. Evidence shows the number of meals largely makes no difference. (3) There are also some studies showing that eating smaller meals can lead to not feeling full which then results in eating more. (4) It mainly comes down to the individual whether it be 3 meals or even 6 meals that works best for them.

My suggestion is to try having different size meals with the same amount of macronutrients and see how you feel throughout the day and go from there.  What works best for me is having 3-4 meals a day which provides larger meals that fills me up and let’s me go 4-6 hours between meals without feeling the need for food.

3. Carbs/bread in any amount can be harmful and can prevent weight loss

In the media recently, bread especially has gotten a bad rap mainly because it contains gluten. In contrast to the reports claiming gluten is universally dangerous the evidence shows otherwise. (5,6,7) A very small percentage of the population actually has celiac disease and an even smaller percentage has some sort of tolerance. The only true way to know is to get tested and if you don’t have the disease or a tolerance there is no reason to be avoiding anything gluten.

4. Another myth that seems to keep staying alive is that fasted cardio is superior for fat loss

This again has been disproven by science as being superior. (8) Optimally taking in some form of nutrition prior will help minimize the potential of muscle breakdown so whether it’s a whey shake, a small amount of carbs, a combination of the two, or even just some BCAA’s will still work towards fat loss and help maintain muscle, win win.

5. Ever been told you must get some form of nutrition within a certain time frame to take advantage of the “anabolic” window?

I know I was and for the longest time immediately following my workout I would slam down a protein shake to take advantage and maximize my workout. Research has proven that the window isn’t that small and depending on when a pre workout meal was ingested will greatly determine an optimal time frame to get some sort of nutrition in.

Again, this is optimal and not set in stone so getting done and not being able to have something for even few hours will not make you lose your efforts from the workout. As stated earlier hitting your targeted macros for the day is what is the biggest factor and although nutrient timing plays a role it’s not to the importance as you are lead to believe so if you enjoy having something immediately post workout go for it, just know that it isn’t required. (9, 10)













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