Dr. Ken Nedd: The Secret to Happiness

Feb 15, 2019

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Dr. Ken Nedd- The Secret to Happiness


During this episode of the Sheer Strength podcast, Josh Baker interviews Dr. Ken Nedd about happiness as the antidote to stress.

Meet Dr. Ken Nedd 

Dr. Nedd is a medical doctor trained in behavioral and family medicine with a practice in Vancouver. He speaks with people about the impact of happiness and stress on physiology. Dr. Nedd focuses on the edges where he sees people who are getting sick because of the way they handle the things that are going on in their lives. He helps people to recognize that exercising and eating properly is not enough and that self-regulation of mindset must be incorporated.

3 Secrets to Longevity  

  1. Conscientiousness & passion
  2. Exercise and activity
  3. Happiness & emotional mastery


Happiness does a lot of physiological upgrading to the body and is so important that, if you are happy and laugh for 100 bouts of giggling, it is the equivalent to being on an exercise bike for 10-15 minutes. Happiness is a medical strategy. You run a two-fold risk of dying if you harbor depressive thoughts. It doesn’t matter how important your work or how valuable your contribution is; it is crucial that you adopt a happy attitude and get that advantage in your life.

Studies show that happiness helps one generate chemicals that will make a person stronger. When you raise your IGA and IGG immunoglobulin, you are in a ‘fighting’ mode.

Dealing with Stress

Stress costs industry a minimum of $600 billion, which is more than the profits of the top 500 companies put together. This is a huge cost in business because it impacts performance and health.

Stress is the enemy of happiness, and one way to beat it is to simply decide to be happier. Stress is the way you respond to events and hardships of life. If you decide that you are going to change physiologically in a positive way and use stress as a reminder to be more vigilant. Whenever a stressful situation arises, don’t just react but rather choose to respond. Take a deep breath in through your nose, pause for a moment, and feel all the tension draining out of your body.

Even if something bad doesn’t happen, this is a way to train yourself to deal with stress. Once you have mastered that technique, add tensing to the routine by making a fist, breathing in, breathing out, and relaxing the fist, and feel the tension drain out of the body. You will be calmer and your brainwaves will be bigger and closer to the zone of happiness.

How to be Happy

Assume the role of the happier person. If you want to be happy, you have to act happy. By assuming the role of the happier person and changing the outer actions of your body, you can change and alter the inner signals of the mind and emotions. Ask yourself, “If I were happy, how would I act now?” Your shoulders might be broad, you might have a smile on your face, and walking confidently and quickly. The actions will create the feelings. The effectiveness of acting the role has been medically established and published. Ask yourself what you can do to bring more happiness into your life? It’s time to become obsessed with this.

  1. Assume the role of a happier person.
  2. Behave in the role of your happier self. Give to others.
  3. Connect inwards.

Money can indeed buy happiness, but you have to spend it on other people. Become a bigger because they are decidedly happier people. This will make you function better in your body, make you feel better, and put you higher on the level of happiness. Take nothing for granted and validate others in order to raise their self-esteem.

We tend to value things that we touch and see but don’t reflect inward enough. Take 5 minutes to focus inward and take a glimpse of what is within. Connect with who you are and ask yourself what it is you really love. Give not just of your material things, but give of your time and flair.

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