Fat Loss: It’s Not All About Calorie Restriction and Exercise

February 15, 2019

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Fat loss goes hand in hand with muscle gain when it comes to creating a great physique. You can have slabs of lean, prime beef on your bones, but if it’s covered by a layer of blubber, it won’t be seen or appreciated.


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Aside from just aesthetics, carrying excess fat lowers your circulating testosterone level… which in turn means less muscle built, and more fat stored. It really is the most vicious of vicious cycles!

Millions around the world are fighting the battle against excess body fat, and for many people, hitting that elusive target can be nigh on

impossible. That final, stubborn bit just won’t shift, and it can be soul-destroying when the scales don’t tip in your favor.

This is because people tackle the problem from a too simplified approach. Sure, counting calories, knowing your macros, getting your timings right, and putting in some quality cardio goes a long way towards stripping body fat to the level you want, but there are a whole host of other factors at play in this complex equation. In today’s highly competitive world, where physiques are becoming leaner than ever, you need these on your side if you want to reach your potential. So, with just a little extra education and dedication, you can shift those final pounds and ounces.


For many people, the modern world is a hectic one, and one area of life that’s often the first to suffer when the pressure rises is their sleep. Good quality sleep is absolutely essential for optimal physical and mental function, and regularly missing out is thought to be a major contributing factor to aging, as well as serious ailments such as heart disease.

Many studies have found a strong link between chronic sleep deprivation and obesity. If your body is not sufficiently rested it cannot recover and grow to its full potential, and the complex biochemical systems will not function as they should. This can lead to a slowing of the metabolism and an unhealthy environment that favors the laying down of fat for energy storage. What’s more, if you don’t get adequate rest, you are more likely to kick your strict diet to the curb and reach for the first and most simple, nasty foods you can reach.

Ideally, you should aim for between seven and nine hours of good quality sleep per night, but those who both work and train hard may need more. Good quality sleep basically means comfortable and undisturbed slumber, where you are both mentally and physically relaxed, so your body can work through the natural stages required for proper rest and repair. You should awake feeling rested and ready for your day.

If you rise feeling tired, achy, or generally lacking oomph, you may require more sleep. A good way to achieve this is with an afternoon nap. Try to keep naps either between 20 and 40 minutes or over 90, to avoid waking feeling groggy. If this still doesn’t cure the feeling of fatigue, you may be overtraining, and there just simply aren’t enough hours in the day to allow your body to recover. Take a week or two out from the gym, until you feel better.

If undisturbed sleep doesn’t come easily for you, there are a few things you can do to improve matters.

  • Avoid caffeine in the evenings.
  • Don’t watch TV or use any other electronic displays right before bed.
  • Don’t eat large meals late at night.
  • Don’t do strenuous exercise, or any other activity that will raise your heart rate and blood pressure too close to bedtime.
  • Cut all light and other distractions from your sleep environment.

Sheer Sleep is an excellent supplement designed to naturally set you up for a good night’s rest and recovery. Packed with potent but gentle ingredients, including the sleep hormone, melatonin, Sheer Sleep can really make a difference to your day.


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Prescription Meds

Certain prescription medications and many over the counter pharmacological remedies can play havoc with your metabolism.

Drugs such as mood stabilizers, diabetes treatments, antidepressants, certain steroids, allergy medications, and even headache pills, among many others, can cause weight gain.

Now, you certainly should never stop taking, or even adjust the dose of any medication prescribed by your healthcare professional, but you may benefit from sitting down and having a review. There may be a better combination of medicines that could be more effective for your health, and also benefit your exercise regime.

Be aware of what you take when reaching for over the counter medicines. Many of these are extremely potent and can have detrimental effects. Doing a little research (from reputable sources) is never a bad thing.


Stress is one of the most underestimated causes of ill health on the planet. Be under no illusion, stress can kill you. It can lead to heart disease, metabolic disturbances, strokes, mental health problems, and a list as long as your arm of other serious health issues.

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone in the human body. Put simply, cortisol is the enemy of testosterone, it is a catabolic steroid. Cortisol’s main job is to break down tissue for energy, hardly the recipe for lean gains.

So, for maximum muscle you need to be a cool customer. If you have stressors in your life that can be removed… remove them. Next time you feel the tension rising, ask yourself why? Can you do anything about the situation right there and then?

If you can, do it!

If you can’t, don’t worry about it!

Slow Metabolism


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What many people don’t realize is that they can drastically up the amount of calories their body burns while at rest, thereby effortlessly increasing their propensity for fat loss.

Those who don’t burn many calories at rest are said to have a low basal metabolic rate (BMR) or a slow metabolism. Exercise and quality rest are key factors in speeding up your metabolic rate, but the foods you eat also play a huge role.

Eating little and often is the best starting point for revving metabolism. Keeping your digestive system busy will keep calorie consumption high and storage potential low. Foods that are high in protein and good fats are excellent, so think nuts and oily fish. Caffeine is a great booster, as are chilies. Raising your heart rate and core temperature with these foodstuffs will elevate energy expenditure.

Sheer Shred is a potent thermogenic fat burner that skyrockets your metabolism. This superb supplement is packed with proven and effective ingredients to increase calorie expenditure without giving you the jitters.

Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions can facilitate fat storage and make it extremely difficult to lose weight. The most common issues are those to do with the body’s complex endocrine system. If you feel constantly sluggish and tired and have trouble controlling body fat, it might pay to seek a consultation with your doctor. Abnormalities in thyroid function or testosterone levels can account for a small percentage of failed fat loss regimes.

Unrealistic Expectations

Perhaps you just have unrealistically high expectations of what your body is capable? If you’re basing your goals on an article you may have seen online telling you about how someone lost 50 pounds in a month… It’s time for a reassessment. Nobody can lose that amount of weight in a healthy manner.

You should aim to lose 1-2 pounds of fat per week. A higher rate likely will result in the loss of hard earned muscle tissue, and can even put you at risk of serious health problems such as chronic fatigue and diseases of the kidneys.

Keep expectations realistic. There is no miracle regime.

Hidden Chemicals 

In recent years, a lot of research has been done on the effects of common chemicals on health. Among t hese chemicals are such things as phthalates and BPA, which are present in many food containers and drinks bottles. Small amounts of these plastic components can find their way into our food and drinks and it is believed can lead to weight gain via a number of increasingly understood mechanisms.

Read the labels and try to look for plastics that are free from these additives. You may also wish to play it safe and go for glass or metallic bottles.



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Adequate hydration is vital for just about every single mechanism and tissue within the human body. Slowing down of these systems can lead to increased fat storage and ironically depleted energy levels.

Dehydration resulting in as little as a 2% drop in body weight can inhibit athletic performance by as much as 20%.

If you live, work and train in hot environments it is vitally important that you keep yourself hydrated to maintain mental and physical function. If you sweat a lot you also need to take in electrolytes lost through the skin and can lead to loss of consciousness and even death if not maintained.

It’s hard to put a figure on how much water a person should be consuming, due to the massive amount of variables involved. If you take the figure of 2 liters which is commonly stated by most international health organizations, then factor in the increased activity of training, plus the extra requirements of simply having a greater body mass and blood volume, you can take an educated guess that drinking at least 3 liters per day would not be a bad thing.

As with anything in life, fat loss is not as simple as it first may seem. If you’re stuck in a rut, look at every factor of your life and make little changes that can bring about a big difference.

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