Marc Mero: Steroids, Addiction, and Turning Life Around

February 15, 2019

Marc Mero

subscribeMarc Mero wants you to gain wisdom from his mistakes. The former WWE superstar personally battled steroids, addiction, and depression, and has successfully turned his life around to become a motivational speaker. During this hard-hitting episode of Sheer Strength Labs, Josh Baker interviews Marc and discuses how we are defined by the choices we make, limitations, wisdom, happiness, and forgiveness.


About Marc

Before becoming a professional wrestler at 31 years old, Marc played hockey, football, and was a championship boxer. Marc admits he made some bad decisions and got involved in drugs, alcohol, and steroids. He now travels the world as a motivational speaker sharing his personal story and presenting talks about the choices we make and how they define us.


Limitations & Wisdom

We base our limitations on what other people think or say. Marc explains that we are not defined by other people’s opinions and that wisdom comes from knowledge, mentors, and making mistakes, all while learning from those experiences. The goal is to be a better person than you were yesterday.


Men’s Issues & Adversity

Josh acknowledges that in a world where the male is seen as dominant, many communities neglect dealing with personal issues in men. Admitting you have something you need to work on can be perceived as a weakness; however, Marc’s work is an effort to change that.

We all go through adversity, but it’s not about the circumstance or situation but rather how we respond to it. When you find your passion, you never have to work because you love what you do.


Marc’s Tipping Point

Marc overdosed on drugs in the past and after losing family members, went through a major depression. He was about to commit suicide when he had a personal revelation that changed the course of his life forever. Marc realized happiness is a choice, and since then has made it his personal mission to help others and speaks at more than 200 events every year. Marc found a different way to respond to his adversity that wasn’t through drugs or alcohol. His advice is to purposefully make a change in your life through your choices.



Marc explains how important forgiveness is and says you either ‘forgive or you relive.’ When we don’t have forgiveness, we lock ourselves in an emotional prison that never seems to go away. The people who have wronged you have most likely moved on with their life and couldn’t care less about you. Life will go on whether you forgive or not, but it will make you happier when you are able to release yourself from the emotional prison of unforgiveness. The hardest person to forgive is yourself.

The key is being able to move on from the deep embedded feeling of inadequacy and hate towards yourself and others. The person that will change your life is the person in the mirror.


Resources Mentioned

Think Poz

Marc Mero (Facebook)

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