Mike Campbell: Unleash Your Alpha

February 15, 2019


Mike Campbell, from Unleash Your Alpha, is the author of the number one bestselling Amazon book of the same name. In this episode, Josh and Mike discuss how to become an Alpha Male by defining what alpha is, and how you can become more alpha in your lifestyle.

Meet Mike Campbell

Mike is a Kiwi living in Australia who started out as a personal trainer a decade ago. He discovered the impact of making changes in people’s lives, and eventually evolved his style and process into looking at everything that it means to be a man. In his working with men, Mike discovered the common overwhelming feeling is that they are lost. For the average man, to try and make change is daunting, and the information in health and fitness is vast and confusing. Unleash Your Alpha is all about helping men reclaiming what it means to be a man and sort their lives out.

Reclaiming ‘Alpha’

The Alpha mission statement is “Eat like a man, train like a beast, and operate like a gentleman, and become a legend.” Mike believes every man was born with the potential to become a real masculine leader in society. His mission is for as many men as possible to realize that potential. Reclaiming alpha is about becoming the perfect mix between James Bond, Nelson Mandela, and Batman.

The term alpha is often misconstrued, and carries negative connotations of being a macho douchebag. Mike wanted to reclaim it back to what it originally meant, which is being a leader and someone with equal parts heart and backbone. This is essentially a well-rounded, healthy modern man.

Training and Becoming Alpha

Mike’s training philosophy is to train hard, train often, and train with purpose. The biggest mistake he sees is that too many guys aren’t consistent enough with their training. Program hopping and inconsistency needs to change. He recommends compound lifts, squatting, push, pull, and sprinting.

Eating, Nutrition, Values, and Limiting Beliefs

When you are eating, Mike suggests doing nothing else. Turn off the phone, TV, and laptop. Just sit, eat slowly, and enjoy your food. Pay attention to if you are satisfied or still hungry, and include lots of fresh vegetables, protein, nuts, seeds, and some dairy. This is essentially a pseudo paleo diet. Aim for eighty percent of food from whole food, nutritious sources, and enjoy yourself for the other twenty percent of the time.

If you can drill down to your core values and what is most important, you will have a good understanding of yourself and why you are doing things. Everyone has a ‘story’ inside their head, and sometimes that story is different to what others see. Developing self-awareness and strategies for dealing with limiting beliefs is key, as is emotional intelligence.

Comfort Zone Breakers

Every day, try and do something that puts you out of your comfort zone. Slowly push your perceived limits to build your comfort, and get past fearful thinking. You have to take action and change a habit. Start small, and progress into bigger tasks. If you find yourself trying to avoid something, then you have to tackle it head on. Understand that a lot of the time we can’t do everything on our own and need support or coaching from others to help us streamline our failure, and have a path to best practice. This can be as simple as having an accountability buddy. Josh has noticed accountability tests as a trend on social media where people post goals, such as achieving body transformations by a certain date. Remember, something is better than nothing as long as you keep moving forward, and that you are only ever one change away from living the life you truly want to live.

Top 5 Books for Becoming Alpha

  1. Unleash your Alpha, Mike Campbell
  2. The New Manhood, Steve Biddulph
  3. Choose Yourself, James Altucher.
  4. Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Travis Bradberry
  5. The Entrepreneur Revolution, Daniel Priestley

Josh suggests reading Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

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