One Superfood You’re Not Taking…But Should Be!

Feb 15, 2019

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I’m always on the hunt for natural alternatives for energy, vitality and stamina.

As a man running a business, working out 6 days a week and balancing a home life, it is crucial that I stay on point mentally and physically. One standout superfood helps me in each of these categories. Aside from its clear health and wellness benefits, it is made by the earth and not in a lab, making it one of my personal favorites. I’m talking about raw Maca Root.


Maca root is native to Peru and has been used for over 2000 years to provide energy and mental clarity as well as an aphrodisiac to improve sex drive, fertility and stamina in both sexes. There are 3 types of Maca roots, red, yellow and black. While it can also be used for other conditions or desired outcomes, Maca is rich in essential fatty acids, fiber and enough amino acids to be classified as a Branch Chain Amino Acid. It is easily a favorite addition to my shakes both pre workout and for recovery.

Here are 4 reasons why you should try supplementing with Raw Maca Powder:

Increase Sex Drive

Maca is historically renowned for its ability to boost libido and improve sperm count and quality in men. While it does not create hormones or testosterone, Maca contains prostaglandins, molecules which send messages within the cells that can mediate physiological effects. It also has adaptogenic properties which can help to stabilize and regulate hormones and increase fertility in both men and women.


Maca provides a level of energy and mental clarity similar to caffeine, but without the shakes. It is not technically a stimulant but allows for focus and a feeling of well-being. Maca is rich in iron with can contribute to healthy circulation, well oxygenated blood. It is also full of B vitamins, magnesium and iodine which help hydrate and energize your bodies cells.

Prostate Health

Maca is high in Zinc which is important for proper prostate function; and a properly functioning prostate lowers any risk for cancer. Studies have been done overseas on laboratory rats which showed that supplementing with Maca has helped to shrink enlarged prostate glands. More specifically Red Maca which was used on rats with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) induced by testosterone enanthate (TE) and showed a significant size of the prostate in the rats being treated with Maca.

Building a Strong, Healthy Body

Maca is very high in amino acids and protein which account for its effects on lean muscle growth when paired with weight lifting. It is also high in calcium which helps keep your joints and bones strong. As stated before Maca increases energy levels which can boost metabolism and lead to fat loss.

Safely Supplementing with Maca

Taken in an overwhelming quantity, Maca could have a negative side effect on Thyroid function. In addition, with limited research and human trials proving its benefits, it is always important to consult a medical professional before self treating with Maca or any powerful superfood.

Tim McComsey Head shotTim McComsey is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer and published fitness model. His fitness journey started during his collegiate years playing soccer. Wanting to play at a high level Tim began to study about fitness and nutrition discovering that was his passion. He has been in the nutrition and fitness industry for 11 years and counting. After graduating college at West Chester University with a Nutrition and Dietetics degree in 2005 Tim immediately began his Dietetic internship at the University of Delaware to fulfill his dream as a qualified Registered Dietitian.

He is the founder of TRYM FITNESS, your one stop approach to a healthier you. TRYM FITNESS is dedicated to providing and maintaining it’s clients with the best training / nutrition practices to achieve their goals. Tim believes in an all around well rounded approach to being healthy by combining smart nutrition practices with safe, practical training programs along with a healthy attitude toward being fit.  He is also the founder of Rough Recess, The Indoor Fitness Playground, group training following the TRYM (healthy lifestyle) principles.

Tim has been published in Ironman Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Muscles and Performance Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazine, Shape Magazine, and Men’s Exercise! He is an Ambassador for Sunwarrior –A Plant Based Company. He is a contributor for Men’s Fitness Magazine Online, Human Fit Project, and Sunwarrior. In his spare time he competes as a natural athlete in men’s physique competitions placing 1st in Dallas, Texas’Europa Games Competition August 2013.

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