Rick Martinez: Project Bink

Feb 15, 2019

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Rick Martinez - The Bink Moment


Small achievable goals give us a sense of fulfillment and compound to a life of success and victory. During this episode of the Sheer Strength podcast, Josh Baker interviews Rick Martinez, who is the mastermind behind Project Bink. Rick shares his story of how an accident during an Olympic weightlifting competition changed his life forever.

Meet Rick Martinez

Rick has been a registered nurse for twenty years. He ventured into entrepreneurism, owned some gyms in Texas, was activated by the military, and had a life-changing moment that drove him to his current business, which is a purpose driven business in personal development. 

For the last eight years, Rick has been into high-intensity training and has been into CrossFit. He likes high-intensity workouts with a strength component, and for the last two years, Rick has been involved in triathlons and completed an Ironman last year.

Entrepreneurial Training

When the ego gets in the way of the ability to take care of fitness because we are so busy in our business, then it can become a problem. Taking on a personal trainer can be seen as an entrepreneurial viewpoint, as it is all about maximizing time. Having a personal trainer adds the element of accountability, as you have to show up. The key is knowing when to allow someone to take the reins.

The Bink Moment

Rick had sold his company after twelve years and chose to fill the void through fitness. He was in an Olympic weightlifting competition in Austin, Texas and had a 225lb clean and jerk lift that went bad. He had a slip of the foot, and the bar crushed his right leg. This was a big realization moment for Rick and was the ‘what’ behind the moment of what turned his life. What does this mean? He had surgery and through his rehab started to dive into what this whole situation meant. He started writing about his search for meaning and how he found it.

Life Pivot

In business, there are frequent pivots. We all have moments in our lives that speak to us and tell us to do something. It is our job to decipher, ask the ‘what,’ and see where it can take us. Project Bink is a movement, when we as humans experience life changing epiphany moments. There is a four step process by which the ‘ah ha’ moments can be deciphered and take massive action to create change in our lives, not only for us but for the greater good.

What Stops Us

What stops people from living the life that they want and deciphering ‘ah ha’ moments is ego, the fear or the unknown, and starting. People tend to not want to rock the boat, but the innate knowledge says to us we are capable of more, but for some reason we don’t take the action until we have a ‘bink’ moment.

When it comes to the gym, Josh says guys have limiting beliefs that they could never look a certain way or are scared of achieving something that is not comprehendible to them.

The 5% Statement

We envision a goal, we want to get there, and often only look at the end goal from the start line, which can seem impossible. When you wake up each day, think about a question and answer in the following way, “Today, to be 5% more effective, I am going to______.” Every day, aim to be that little bit better than the day before. These small achievable goals will give us a sense of fulfillment and compound to a life of success and victory.

Life Hacks

Block off time with intention. Set a clock for 59 minutes and get completely immersed in the task, then disengage. Having the accountability factor of the timer works. This also helps with compartmentalizing the day so that too much attention isn’t paid to one specific area.

Going to bed early and trying to minimize blue light when it’s time to sleep are a couple of methods Rick has tried in order to switch off at the end of the day.

Josh enforces a 7pm switch off time where he turns off the phone and laptop. As a busy person who deals with clients, this is a tough challenge, but it makes a huge difference in sleep.

Resources Mentioned

Project Bink

Flux software

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