The Diet Smack-Down: The Secrets Behind The Fad Diets Exposed

Feb 15, 2019

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January is the month for weight loss, and it can be frustrating trying to figure out the best diet for you. In this episode of Sheer Strength, Josh enters Fat Loss Central and discusses whether or not there is a superior diet. He covers the aspects of a number of diets by analyzing the mental, physical, and performance of each diet.

DING DING! Round 1: Ketogenics Diet

This is a high fat, low carb, and moderate protein diet that enables you to lose fat quickly and is great for carnivores. However, the consequence of the Keto Diet is a drop in performance after a week. Your muscles will not be able to hold up during the beginning stages of this diet. You will feel ‘like a puny school girl’ due to missing carbs.

Josh says that the food has little variation and becomes the same old same old very quicky. Overall, this is a diet that is restrictive to only one food group. The Keto diet is also very mentally fatiguing and not sustainable long term. Check Sheer Strength’s previous podcasts covering the Keto Genetics diet in this podcast episode “Eat Fat, Burn Fat: The Miracle Fat Burning Plan That Makes You Smarter”.

Josh’s Score: 6/10

DING DING! Round 2: Paleolithic Diet

With Crossfit becoming a fad in the last 3-5 years, this diet has came along with it. If you’ve ever done Crossfit, then you’ll know that they promote this diet. Josh has an issue with the fact that this diet says, “Don’t worry about tracking calories, just eat your food.” You can easily overeat on non-processed foods, such as bacon and Paleolithic cakes. Just because there is no processed food, doesn’t mean its 100% healthy.

Josh advocates the Paleolithic diet and prefers it to the Keto diet, as long as you add in goals for yourself.

If you are an athlete doing Crossfit four plus times a week and you are trying to eat pure Paleolithic food, you will have a drop in performance, or you may be missing out in performance you didn’t know existed. You might be able to get more strength out of yourself if you add carbs. This means you won’t feel as tired and have ‘brain fog.’

Josh’s Score: 7/10

DING DING! Round 3: A Body Builder Diet

This consists of a high protein, low fat, and low carbs diet. This involves eating ‘clean food,’ and the diet is about putting on loads of muscle and getting lean. Josh warns that when you overeat on protein, it breaks down into amino acids, goes through glycogenesis, and becomes glucose, leaving you with a carbohydrate. In this diet, you are restricting yourself from eating carbs in your meals, which is mentally tiring, fatigues your mind, and essentially creates carbohydrates by converting protein to glucose. Josh suggests cutting your protein, consume some carbs, and keep your fat low, which is considered no less than 30g per day for males. When you go into caloric deficit and you get smaller, your body tries to slow everything down as you diet. This is called metabolic adaptation.

Josh thinks this diet is ridiculous, rubbish, boring, and a diabolical plan that you can’t go out to eat with. He begs you not to torture yourself into thinking this is how you get ‘six pack lean.’ There is nothing wrong with carbs!

Josh’s Score: 1/10


If It Fits Your Macros Diet (IIFYM)

This diet has blown up over the Internet with the rise of Instagram and some YouTube channels. To most people this is a fantastic diet, however, you need to be able to assert some self-control by weighing and measuring out your food so you know what you are eating. Track your macronutrients for the day by using a calorie counter.

You can account for your macronutrients in a various ways, e.g. a couple of scoops of ice cream can be accounted for in your fat, carbs, and protein total for the day. This means there is no mental stress, because if you have a craving for something, you can have it. If you are not a professional athlete, there is no detriment to your performance. You just need to figure out what your goal is, so if it’s fat loss, then you can follow one of the fat loss protocols. For more information on how to work out your macronutrient intake, check out Sheer Strength’s previous podcasts “Macronutrient Myths: What You Need To Eat To Feed Your Muscle Growth”.

The only issue with the IIFYM diet is that people sometimes neglect their fiber and micronutrient intake. Some even become anti-fruits and vegetables, which Josh thinks is idiotic! Your body needs micronutrients and all the vitamins. Even though you have a right to eat what you want, 80% of your daily food intake should come from whole foods and 20% from what you like, which gives you leeway to fit in a treat. This makes the IIFYM diet sustainable so you don’t crash. If you want to have a couple of beers on this diet you can.

Josh’s Score: This is the ultimate diet! WINNER!

If we reach sustainability in our diets, it means that it is really long term and will affect our behavior, and that we are going to change. You should not be on a diet that constricts you from having fun.


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