Training Tips: How to do the Dumbbell Squat

Feb 15, 2019

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How to do the dumbbell squat exercise.

The Dumbbell Squat exercise is an extremely simple drill that can help you enhance both lower body (quad) and core strength. Use a single dumbbell or double up for a greater challenge!

The Dumbbell Squat has a few advantages over your standard Barbell Front or Back Squat. For one, the weight is not supported by your back or shoulders, meaning that you have greater upper body activation and an increased demand for core stability. While you can’t use as much weight as you can with a barbell, the Dumbbell Squat can still be challenging. Another advantage is the fact that you don’t need a big rack set up to get the weight into position. This means that you can perform the exercise anywhere, including your garage, bedroom, or even your backyard.

Add the Dumbbell Squat to Your Workout

You can use the Dumbbell Squat as a primary part of your lower body training or you can add it onto your heavy Barbell Front or Back Squats for a killer superset. As a primary set, try 5 rounds of 10 reps. Start light, then add 5lbs with each set. You’ll be screaming for it to end! As a supplement to a heavy barbell set, add a set of 20 quick reps using a light weight to increase your overall lifting volume.

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