Travis Stoetzel : Train Aggressive

February 15, 2019

Travis Stoetzel


Travis from Train Aggressive talks about his journey through training, athletics, and CrossFit. During this episode of Sheer Strength Labs podcast, Josh and Travis discuss training, supplements, and top recovery techniques. Travis reveals how he trains for elite competitions in CrossFit and how his approach is different to regular ways of building muscle by focusing on power training.

Meet Travis

Travis has competed in CrossFit for the last five years and has made it to the regionals an impressive four times. He owns an online business called Train Aggressive as well as his own gym, The Forged Athlete, which is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Travis’s aim is to always try to improve his clients’ performance whether they are trying to build muscles, shred fat, or get stronger. When focusing on performance, it is possible to get the best of both worlds.

Training & Gaining Muscle

Travis likes to focus on volume and isolating the body in to different quadrants, so instead of chest, back, shoulders, and legs, he breaks the body into upper and lower and focuses on movement patterns. His days will consist of pulling and pushing movements. He always kicks off a training session with power and speed, then hits strength and focuses on assistance/volume as far as trying to build the muscle.

There is no such thing as ‘overtraining;’ it is actually ‘under recovery.’ You can train as much as you can physically handle; it’s just a matter of working out in the sweet spot where the balance exists. This is why recording data is so crucial to getting the most out of workouts and improving. The frequency of training is a lot higher than what people are led to believe. GPP programming can lead people to believe they are overtraining as they think if they do two leg sessions a week, it will be overtraining and detrimental to future workouts.

Deload Weeks

Travis will typically not go any longer than six weeks before taking three to four deload days. He believes that, as human beings breaking, a sweat every day is critical and what our body is designed for. Travis will sprinkle active recovery days into his program and always hit fifteen to twenty minutes of mobility.

As an athlete, it is easy to get the blinkers on and have tunnel vision when it comes to training harder and longer. If one of Travis’s clients is feeling rundown, he will action a thirty day checks and balances list to discover the real issues.

Recovery Tips

Travis started off his recovery with a 60 second ice cold shower, and now takes all his showers ice cold. This activity brings the body temperature down and aids recovery. The ice cold shower technique has been proved to help with a lot of different things such as increasing natural testosterone, recovery, and mental toughness. Another method both Travis and Josh like is soft tissue and mobility work.

Another useful technique for recovery is deep breathing. Travis does this for two to three minutes by focusing in on his breathing. This involves clearing your mind, taking really deep breaths, and blowing out the air slowly.

A lot of people underestimate the importance of drinking enough water on a daily basis. So ensure you do this and make it a priority to get to bed earlier. It all comes down to planning and priorities.


Travis cycles on and off 5g a day of creatine and puts it in his breakfast drink or post workout shake. He also uses 7-10g of Fish oil and BCA.

Resources Mentioned 

Train Aggressive

Travis Stoetzel

The Forged Athlete

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