Why Men Are Failing At Building Strength

February 15, 2019

There comes a time in every man’s life where he has to pursue something bigger than himself.

In his life the journey is about creating something wonderful whether that be a way of life for his family, a product that will change the world, or the pursuit of a dream by growing a small business.

Every time a man takes on life with such a journey he fully devotes himself to the cause by actively finding and learning the most efficient ways of solving problems and addressing his needs within that particular journey. Trust me, it’s a never ending process of growth.

The Physical Journey

Oddly enough when it comes to seeking out a new physical journey many men aren’t doing what is most efficient on a broad scale. Perhaps this is because their energy is focused on other endeavors. I mean we’ve all been guilty of this.

strengthAside from the primary focus of such a journey specifically being the pursuit of physical strength, many guys miss the mark on addressing their training needs by replacing them with their training wants instead. Because of this many guys end up experiencing a lot of problems in their training such as immobility, stiffness, pain, and even injury.

I know what you’re thinking; so what exactly is the point here?

The point is that folks all too often fail to address their physical training needs and because of this they are frequently limiting themselves in their training and overall performance.

The Example

Let’s examine this with a little parable to drive home the point. A classic example of this can be seen with what I would like to refer to as the everyday desk jockey that sits slouched over at his computer screen 6 to 10 hours a day roughly five days a week. More than likely this stereotypical gentlemen has done this for years, but all the sudden he gets an itch to make that trip to the gym to start trying to get into shape.

Due to his lifestyle and lack of overall physical function up to this point he has more than likely developed a poor weak posture with forward rounding shoulders. Maybe without realizing it he’s also suffering from an overly flexed spine due to a lack of core strength and a body that has been trained for nothing more than the act of sitting. This is something that I’ve witnessed time and time again.

As the story goes our desk sitting friend is all pumped to go to the gym, but the first couple exercises that are on his mind are the bench press and crunches. Now visualize this for a second. I mean has he not already had enough spinal flexion in his daily life that he must go to the gym to incorporate more?

I mean certainly after the clear description I’ve included here of this individual and his lifestyle short term the bench press and the crunches are the last 2 exercises he needs in order to propel his body back into a respectable state of correctness, right?

I mean there are better options for this guy to obtain an optimally functional body to withstand the aches, the pains, and injury. He needs to be working on more thoracic extension through pulling oriented movements such as deadlifts, rows, and maybe some superman core work.

The Takeaway

With this example you can see how this individual could possibly be accelerating the potential decline of his health and putting himself at greater risk for more and more problems.

The reason is because he’s not addressing his needs. He’s simply going to the gym to do something he perceives to be the right thing for himself, but in actuality it’s quite the opposite. He should be focusing on more pulling movements to enhance thoracic and spinal extension which he’s obviously not getting enough of in his day to day life. He should be correcting his problems; not accelerating them.

If you’re reading this you may or may not have guessed this to be the case with this individual, but whether you did or didn’t isn’t important. What’s important is that the needs are now apparent and that the thinking in regards to physical function will hopefully be held in the same regard as every other important journey that every guy dares to take on in order to better his life.

This is the reason many people are enhancing dysfunction instead of function in regards to their physical abilities. In today’s society too much time is spent in an unnatural sitting postural position with much of the population. Additionally they are throwing fuel on the fire by reinforcing these negative patterns when they go to the gym to train.

Are you addressing your needs or your wants? When you are able to identify it you’ll be well on your way to making gains! Keep training smart!

brandon richeyBrandon Richey

Brandon’s Specialty: Powerlifting, Kettlebells, Athletic Performance Development.

Brandon Richey is a lifelong athlete and has been in the strength and fitness business now for over 13 years. He’s a certified strength and conditioning specialists (CSCS) certified through the NSCA and has worked with an array of serious fitness personnel and athletes from 10 years of age all the way up to Division-1 and the Pro-level. He’s been able to do this with a variety of sports ranging from hockey, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, rugby, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and now for figure skating.

He’s accumulated work experience under the helm of hall of fame strength coach Dave Van Halanger in assisting with the strength and conditioning program for the UGA football team. Over the years he’s been able to construct a very comprehensive strength and conditioning program that would be beneficial for most any life situation or sport. He’s had an extensive background in athletic performance development (speed, agility, power) along with a very disciplined self study of kettlebells over the past 6 years.

Brandon has always been the crazy guy that enjoys burning off energy by hitting and lifting stuff which is why he’s also a practitioner of Muay Thai, as well as always trying to further his own personal development of strength and power.

Being the creator of Brandon Richey Fitness he is a regular blogger, author, and lifter of heavy stuff! He’s a die hard DAWG and huge James Bond fan so if you want to talk movies he can certainly do that too! Brandon lives by the credo that “Most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!”

Get more information on Coach Brandon’s philosophy and all his latest updates at http://brandonricheyfitness.com

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