5 Proven Ways to Guarantee Shocking Muscle Gains

November 10, 2014

1. Starvation is Bad

A common misconception is that you need to cut back on your calorie intake. This is dead wrong. Your body needs a mix of proteins, carbs, and fats to make up the macronutrients. Josh will get into what exactly macronutrients are in an upcoming podcast.

2. Your Body Needs to Sleep

You may also not be seeing the gains you’ve been searching for because you’ve starving your body of sleep. You need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep nightly to digest the nutrients you’ve given your body, as well as repair and refresh your body the next day.

3. Spice Up Your Training

Building muscle is a precise science. We must train in a cycles: hypertrophy, strength, and endurance. These all work in conjunction with the next, and we can’t forget one without it effecting another. Take 6 weeks to improve your muscle gains. Break your rep cycle, and you’ll start to see different results.

4. There is No Magic Supplement

You may be searching for that magic supplement that you can take and overnight get the gains you’ve been looking for. That’s never going to happen. Josh, goes over the types of supplements you should be taking, and what to look for when purchasing a supplement.

5. Get In, Get Out, And Get On With Your Day

Keep up your intensity. Josh says that you should be able to get through your workout in about 50 minutes and at the tops, an hour and a half, depending on your program. If you’re at the gym with your friends, and you get to talking to them, that’s 7 minutes between your sets, and you’re loosing that intensity.

Until next week, have a good week hitting the gym!


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