Aaron Walker: Design Your Life on Purpose

May 25, 2015

Aaron Walker


Josh is joined by entrepreneur-turned-business coach Aaron Walker, who talks about the formula for success and how we can apply it in the gym to ensure we are successful on building our bodies and physiques. Aaron is from Nashville and has had eight successful businesses. He has been married for 35 years, and spends his days coaching men and facilitating mastermind groups to take their lives to another level.

Secret to Success


Aaron attributes his success to his vast amount of grit, determination, and perseverance. His personal mantra is “’Can’t’ couldn’t do it, and ‘Could’ did it all.” He believes motivation is an exhaustible resource, and what actually works in life is a strategic plan.

Josh agrees that people approach situations in life on a whim of pure excitement and motivation, which usually falls off within a month. Essentially, people generally fail to map out the strategy of success, and the two main reasons for failure are either that there is no plan or the plan sucks. People who don’t have a plan end up living reactively rather than proactively.

Most people don’t take the time to figure out what they want out of life in six months, a year, ten years, or at retirement. This is called living life on purpose and often involves giving up one area and doing more in another area. The secret is to delay gratification in order to be successful.

Strategies for Success


The biggest barrier people face is the fear of failure itself. Aaron says “failure is in not trying, not in not succeeding.” Make sure you fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure. Josh says, “When it feels scariest to jump, that is exactly when you should!”

Happiness & Goal Setting


Happiness is a choice not a trait, and we as humans elect to be happy. The aim is to be content but not complacent and not have your identity tied up in tangible possessions or a career.

Dreaming isn’t the same as goal setting. Goal Settings have metrics we measure by that must be specific and dated. Ensure you are concrete on establishing your goals.



This involves helping others even when they can’t repay you and providing more for people than they expect. When someone’s focus is internal, they are usually a miserable person, and when the focus is outward, there is a joy that can’t be explained. As humans, we were created to live in a community. It is possible to be successful and significant simultaneously, so you don’t have to choose between the two.

Rather than going to the gym to build your body for your own significance, ask yourself how you could impact other people close to your life in a positive way in which you would be able to give more?

When you rely on one thing to supply you with significance, such as your job or the gym, if something happens and that significance disappears, you are in a bad place personally as you don’t have another way to fill that significance up. Don’t place your confidence or trust in material possessions or your career. The lesson is to engage your clients or family, and don’t wait to be invited to talk.

When we do things outwardly, change our focus, and put it on other people, there’s a ripple effect.

Aaron’s Top 5 Books  


The only difference between where you are today and where you are in five years is the knowledge you gain from reading and implementing.

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