Dr Joanny Liu: Stress, Fear, and Concussion

May 09, 2016

Dr Joanny: Liu Stress, Fear, and Concussion


Dr. Joanny Liu was a professional engineer for 24 years when she had a cervical cancer scare. This changed her life, and she decided to stop being a victim and start to stand up to herself in all aspects of life, and started studying traditional Chinese medicine. During this episode of Sheer Strength Labs, Ryan Ferguson and Dr. Joanny Liu discuss emotional intelligence, anger, brain games, stress and how it impacts our bodies, overcoming superficial fears, concussions, and common sports injuries.

Emotional Intelligence

This is about understanding that you are an emotional creature, and that you have a right to feel the way you do and express those feelings. You are able to up-level those feelings at any time as long as you have the tools to do so.


When you are angry, you hurt yourself more than anybody else. It is the only emotion that gives you energy, which can be used for destruction or to propel yourself to do something positive.

Brain Games

Our mental health assists our physical health. The thing that makes the brain change and grow brain cells is to have different experiences in your life that will teach you something and make you learn something that is important to improve your life. Stress has a negative effect on the brain because it sends chemicals into your body, such as cortisol, which excites the brain cells. If the stress is chronic, then the cortisol will continue to excite the brain cells, kill them, and inhibit the growth of new brain cells.

Stress & Worry

The reason we feel stressed is that many people worry. This is a form of self-torture, as it tells us that we can’t handle life. Worry is something that ‘might’ happen in the future, but we don’t have any evidence that it will. Stress can affect the quality of your life right now or have a cumulative effect in the future. Worry is often a surface fear, and if you identify what it really is that is annoying you, then do something about it.

Sports Psychology

When it comes to elite athletes, stress can make the muscles stiff and the athlete less reactive. Any achiever knows that they are responsible for their results, but some are afraid of their success. We aren’t afraid of the unknown but rather afraid of the known and what in the past will repeat itself.

Sports Injuries

Dr. Joanny sees a lot of shoulder and knee injuries. She finds that there are certain meridians that run through our bodies via the shoulder and knees. Where the pain is indicates what the meridian might be. To get a handle on serious emotions, it takes people a year; to get a handle on a particular issue, it takes 21 treatments.

The Mind-Body Connection  

We have a mind-body connection and cannot separate psychiatry and psychology from the physical effects.

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Dr Joanny

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