Eat This: What Professional Body Builders Eat Before and After Exercise

December 01, 2014

Josh discusses his best practices on a pre-workout and post-workout nutrition routine to achieve the best results during your training. These are based off Josh’s experiences with his high profile clients. The best tip to remember is trial and error with different methods. 

Quit Chugging Protein Shakes

Josh’s personal nutrition consists of moderate carbs throughout the day, but not at certain specific times. It is always best to play around with spiking carbs before working out. It’s best to keep a record of how many carbs you intake before your training session, and how that effects your training. Everyone is different, and it’s always best to play around with what works best for you and what will give you the best results. You also can’t look at the models of the fitness magazines and try to structure your diet around theirs. You have to realize their training is like a marathon as well as the amount of performance enhancers they are ingesting.

You Can Go Your Own Whey

There are a following of people that say you should eat a high amount of insulin effecting carbs that can place you an anabolic state. This isn’t always the best method. You can always have a post workout shake with whey protein which can increase the muscle protein synthesis rate. Some supplements to think about taking are BCAA and Creatine. There are several studies that show that both of these can help your training ritual and you could be missing out on potential gains without these.

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