Extreme Keg Strength & Power Workout

November 03, 2015

Keg Strength Workout

All the Halloween parties are over, but you still have a few un-getable drops left in that keg. Don’t you think it’s about time that you burned off all those empty calories you gained? It’s easy if you know how to use that leftover keg correctly! Use these 5 unconventional exercises to get ripped with the Extreme Keg Strength & Power Workout.

Exercise #1: Keg Woodchopper

Keg Woodchop Strength Exercise

Woodchopper exercises are excellent for building full body strength and coordination using a dynamic rotational motion. The Keg Woodchopper exercise is even better because it engages your obliques even more thanks to the sloshing liquid inside the keg combined with the wide grip position.

Exercise #2: Keg Press

Keg Power Workout: Keg Press

The sloshing of the liquid inside the keg can also add strength and stability to your shoulders in core. Grip the sides of the lid and clean the keg until it’s standing in your palms. Press straight over head and feel how the smaller muscles in your shoulders aid in the stabilization of the movement. This can also help increase mobility and durability if done correctly over time.

Exercise #3: Keg Swing

Keg Power Workout: Keg Swing

The Keg Swing is a ballistic power exercise that requires you to engage your posterior chain with an explosive hip motion. Stand with your legs wide, grip the sides of the keg, and power through reps. If you’re not tall enough, stand on a stable platform so the keg can swing between your legs. Just make sure to keep your core engaged and avoid any back flexion.

Exercise #4: Keg Reverse Lunge

Keg Power Workout: Reverse Lunge

Simply holding the kettlebell in your arms can be tough. Cradle it in the crook of your arms by cleaning it up from the ground, gripping either end of the keg. Once you feel stable, step back into a reverse lunge. Try to control the motion and avoid wobble if possible. If you need an extra challenge, raise your knee to finish each rep before switching to the opposite side.

Extreme Keg Strength & Power Workout

Now let’s combine all four keg exercises into a killer full body strength workout. Perform the exercises as a circuit as stated below. Get plenty of rest in between rounds and make sure you maintain good form throughout.

Exercise Rounds/Reps
Keg Woodchopper 5 Rounds x 5 Reps Each Side
Keg Press 5 Rounds x 10 Reps
Keg Swing 5 Rounds x 10 Reps
Keg Reverse Lunge 5 Rounds x5 Reps Each Side

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