How Can Nitric Oxide Help You?

August 29, 2016

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You’ve been doing everything you’re supposed to be doing. Pushing yourself hard, eating enough protein at the right times, and resting when you should. Did you know there is one more thing you can do to get the big muscles? It’s nitric oxide. It’s a supplement unlike other supplements. It not only can change your workout but your life!

Our bodies already make nitric oxide, it’s a molecule that helps the cells communicate with each other.

Okay – so what? Here are 10 reasons how it can help you.

#1 – A Speedy Recovery – Are you ever really tired the day after you do a rough workout?

Nitric oxide helps blood flow. With good blood flow, you get nutrients to your muscles faster, especially after a hard workout. It also helps the muscles to relax. With more blood flow comes more oxygen and oxygen is super food for muscles. If you want to workout 5-6 times during the week and recover faster, the answer is nitric oxide.

#2 – Do You Need More Energy During Your Workout?

Have you ever been in a workout and you realize you’re tired? Nitric oxide can help. You can run short of oxygen when lifting weights – your muscle tissue starts building up lactic acid. This makes you tired. Nitric oxide not only speeds oxygen to your muscles but it removes the built up lactic acid. This gives you more energy during your workout, allowing you to train longer.


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#3 – Want Bigger Veins?

There are some who take nitric oxide only for one reason – to get bigger veins. It makes sense, right? When you increase the blood flow, the vein must grow to accommodate it. Your levels of vascularity skyrocket. The bigger your veins are, the stronger you look. Get a powerful and healthy look with nitric oxide.

#4 – Get a Better Immune System

The benefits of nitric oxide go on and on. A healthy immune system is beneficial in many ways – who likes to be sick? Nitric oxide kills viruses and fights off bacteria – it’s like the superhero of supplements! It helps the white blood cells function better.

#5 – A Boost to Your Endurance

This is great for those of you who are endurance athletes. Runners, cyclists and swimmers can enjoy the benefit of nitric oxide as well. It’s all about getting more oxygen to your muscles – no matter what your sport. Getting more oxygen to your muscles will allow you to train harder and longer.

#6 – Bring Balance to Your Core TemperatureSheer NO - Nitric Oxide

When we workout, we get hot and sweaty. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It all comes down to blood flow again – nitric oxide can help you to cool down with blood flow, balancing out your core temperature. If your core doesn’t overheat, you’ll have more energy to do your workout.

#7 – Some Better Muscle Pumps

After you work the biceps and triceps, you know that feeling you get – big, tight muscles? Nitric oxide sendsmore blood to your muscles, making them bigger. A noticeable bigger! When your muscles start bulging out of your shirtsleeves – your motivation grows as well.

#8 – Want to be Better In Bed?

Nitric oxide is better than Viagra. You already know why – blood flow. The increase in blood flow will give you better erections. Your body already makes nitric oxide when you become sexually stimulated. The nitric oxide signals the body to make guanosine monophosphate and that gives you a harder erection. Nitric oxide can make you better in bed and that makes it a win-win situation.

#9 – More Glucose 

Muscles need glucose for fuel. The University of Michigan Medical School did a study and came to the conclusion, “Build-up of lactate and ammonia lead to fatigue during exercise. Increasing glucose clearance means more energy will be available inside muscle cells to finish a workout.” Glucose burns fat, too.

#10 – What About Heart Disease?

We all know plaque can form on the inside of our arteries and this is not good. In healthy arteries, nitric oxide is produced to keep the arteries free from plaque. Sometimes, plaque can build up anyway, and then the body has problems making any nitric oxide. This can lead to heart disease. Many heart patients take nitroglycerin. Why? Because it gives out nitric oxide, increasing oxygen and blood flow. Get heart healthy!

Where can you get this superhero supplement – in any grocery store, health food store and online. It occurs naturally in foods like crab, spinach, shrimp, sesame seeds and turkey. If you don’t want to take another supplement, just increase your intake of those foods. Get some nitric oxide – it’s good for you!

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