Introducing The Sheer Strength Platinum Series

July 23, 2016

Sheer Strength Platinum Series

It’s a new day at Sheer Strength as we are introducing our Sheer Strength Platinum Series!

We have always prided ourselves on producing the most researched-backed, science-based sports nutrition products available.

That is why you have made us the #1 fitness supplement brand on

But late last year, we wondered, “Could we do better?”

How could we improve upon a line of products that was already the best in the industry? Sure, we already had the best supplements, but if we started over from scratch, could we do even better?

Now, after months of research and development, we have reinvented some of the your most-demanded supplements.

we are proud to introduce the Sheer Strength Platinum Series!

Sheer Strength Platinum Series

Sheer Strength Platinum Series is a line of supplement powders that taste great and are clinically dosed for their intended results.

Want more testosterone, so that you put on muscle easier and shed fat faster? Sheer Alpha+ is clinically dosed with ingredients that are science-backed to give you great results.

Want the best workouts of your life? Sheer Pre-X is the pre workout to ruin all other pre workouts. One scoop of it holds the key to a bigger kick than you have ever experienced.

Want more pumps and lower blood pressure? Sheer Nitro is the clinically-dosed solution to boost nitric oxide levels.

And finally… we’ve formulated the most powerful powdered fat burner in Sheer Shred.

How is Platinum different than our existing line? By expanding each of our most popular products into a powder, we are able to give you more in each serving, which guarantees the best result. We are also able to use ingredients that we previously were unable to include due to lack of serving size. Plus, the powders taste amazing, so you will want to take your boosters every day.

The Sheer Strength Platinum Series can be found on, and it will be available in retail stores around the country later this year!

Now for a LIMITED TIME ONLY try one or all four items from the Sheer Strength Platinum Series 15% off at only! Simply click the item of your choice below and enter discount code SheerPlatinum15.

Sheer Strength Platinum SeriesSheer Strength Platinum SeriesSheer Strength Platinum Series  Sheer Strength Platinum Series

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