Lauren and Fraser Bayley: Plant Strong Vegan Bodybuilders

July 13, 2015

Lauren & Fraser Bayley



Lauren and Fraser Bayley used to be traditional personal trainers in big box gyms and private training studios. The pair now follow a vegan lifestyle while still maintaining awesome training routines and running their online coaching business that focuses on helping people make transformations through a plant based diet. During this episode of Sheer Strength Labs, Josh interviews Lauren and Fraser, and speaks about their transition to the vegan lifestyle and obsession with innate ultimate human performance.

Becoming Vegan

One of the biggest drivers for Fraser to become vegan was after having his blood work done. Even though he was in shape at 5’8”, 195lbs with 6-10% body fat, he didn’t feel great within himself and found that his cholesterol, LDL, and fasting glucose levels were elevated. At the time, Fraser was eating a predominantly wholefood diet but was consuming a lot of food. He looked for other ways to harness the body’s way to optimize and discovered the vegan plant based diet.

Fraser started to integrate vegan meals periodically over the period of a few months and phase animal based foods out. A year later, Fraser had his blood work re-done and all his markets completely changed.

Holistic Changes

Once you combine the spiritual and ethical side of things with nutrition, you build a solid base to figure out how to make it work well for you. When you start making changes in the way you eat, it also reflects in your psychology and the way you see the world. If you can disrupt the negative pattern and start introducing positive things such as mediation or yoga, you will see improvements in sleep, digestion, and temperament. We know that stress is a big factor as to why people go off the rails with regards to diet and training.

The majority of Lauren and Fraser’s focus is on mindset, psychology, and coping skills in order to give people techniques to try and reduce stress loads. A program is only as good as the person following it, and if that person is highly stressed and jacked up on caffeine, then those things will be detrimental in the long run. Addressing the root of the problem helps with the adherence to the program. Trainers need to build people from the inside out and be able to get their mind in the right place.

Typical Day Eating Vegan

Fraser trains early in the morning in a fasted state and supplements with amino acids, and then post-workout, drinks coconut water with a plant based protein mix. Once home, he has a green shake with kale, spinach, and ginger to replace the lost glycogen from the training. The first meal is around midday with rice bread and vegetables, and dinner is rice, beans, falafel, and banana ice cream. Fraser’s diet is 60% carbohydrates, and he hasn’t noticed any negative effects and lifts and recovery in the gym have improved. His cravings decreased and sleep improved.

Lauren’s diet involves a lot of smoothies and juices, and has a higher fat diet than most vegans. This increased fat comes from coconut, avocado, nuts, and seeds. This provides a lot of amino acids and energy.

One of the big barriers to adopting a vegan lifestyle is the social aspect of eating out. However, a lot of places are willing to work with you as long as you know what to ask for. A great option is to order side options and make up a meal from that.


Because everyone is so obsessed with protein, people tend to consume less carbohydrates and less fat. As long as one doesn’t over consume calories, you can still achieve a lean physique. On the vegan diet, the food combinations and choices tend to be more diverse.


For the most part, Lauren and Fraser try to address everything through the diet first. They will use plant-based protein, amino acids, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. Once you’ve been lifting for a while, the results come slower and the little variables can make a big difference.

Resources Mentioned

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