Why Fit Guys Like Fit Girls Reason #3

November 11, 2015

Why Fit Guys Like Fit Girls

Relaxed girls are happy girls, and you know what can decrease stress better than almost anything else? Exercise. Studies show that people who exercise regularly can expect both immediate and long term benefits to their mood.

Why Fit Guys Like Fit Girls Reason #3

If that fit-looking girl seems happier than the less-healthy women around her, that’s probably because she is. It’s not simply because she feels good about how she looks, either (although that is probably true as well). Multiple studies have shown positive neurological benefits related to both hormone production and overall brain function. A study featured in the New England Journal of Medicine called Physical Conditioning Facilitates the Exercise-Induced Secretion of Beta-Endorphin and Beta-Lipotropin in Women, showed that prolonged aerobic exercise caused the body to consistently release endorphins.

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