Shred Your Way to Longevity: How You’re Failing Your Body

Feb 15, 2019

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Josh discusses how you can achieve longevity and why it is important. This podcast covers how you can safely plan your program, the sorts of goals you should look to be attaining while still having balance in your life.

Seriously Lean Is Seriously Critical To Your Body

The ‘shred’ culture neglects the fact that people are going to live into adult life for a long time and far too many people take dangerous shortcuts and don’t do due diligence on program design and nutrition. In fact, the ‘shred’ culture is the flip side of obesity and to some degree part of a body dysmorphia culture developing where people are obsessed with being lean. There must be balance in your life when it comes to training and nutrition.

Free Your Mind and The Rest Will Follow

Strength can be defined in many ways; mental, physical, and a strong body represents both definitions. Being mentally strong is when you are able to enjoy your training, achieve your goals, and have complete balance. Josh personally recommends that you should always make sure to ‘build in your fun.’ The physically strong component is being able to cope with your daily activities at a much easier rate because of the training you’ve done. If you’re training is hindering your daily activities it means that something has to change. Also, if you are consistently battling and injury and its caused through training, then something has to give.  Too often people focus on the big muscle groups and ignore the scapula, abductors or adductors. Josh suggests you build the smaller muscles that support and aid your joints. After building the smaller muscles, he recommends you work on your big prime movers.

Hack Into Your Matrix

Before you start a program there should always be maintenance holding the structure together otherwise it’s like building a structure without scaffolding. Getting the technique right may seem trivial but you should always invest in a good personal trainer to run you through your technique this way he or she can ensure you are doing everything right. You may not feel the pain today, however, if you constantly do the wrong technique for years at a time, such as pounding away at the joint in a bad manner, it will wear down and cause you medical issues. Josh suggests investing for at least an hour at a time in a professional technique trainer. This will help you keep working toward your goals for years  A big reason people don’t reach their physique goals is because of injuries, which happen when we get stiff and tight and start producing force in the wrong positions. If you don’t do your stretching and mobility then the joint, tendons, and ligaments end up in the wrong position, produce force, and end up with injuries such as a tear or snapped ligaments. Josh’s biggest tip is to get yourself a foam roller and spend 5-10minutes a day kneading through the muscle. This will increase the years you can life injury free. He also suggests that you do 10-15 minutes of cryotherapy (ice therapy) after workouts as this reduces inflammation.

Shake It Off, Shake It Off

One of the main questions Josh asks is “How often have you checked your body for imbalances?” Muscle imbalance is when you have an over powering muscle that causes you to get in to dangerous positions so it is important to periodically do checks. The best thing to do is film your movements; bench press, squat, and dead lift. One of Josh’s favorite apps is Uber Coach, which is an application where you can upload video and get free feedback from qualified professionals. These pros will tell you where you have an imbalance such as if gluts that aren’t firing and causing your knees to cave in when you squat, or tight calves, weak hamstrings when dead lifting, and not activating chest when bench pressing. When it comes to supplements, Omega 3 with more than 100mg of active EPA DHA a day will help your joints, and brain function. Josh also suggests you consume whole foods  and at least ingest 80% whole foods per day in order to hit your micro nutrients (fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, meats, and seeds.) Whey protein such as Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard, ISO Pure, and 5g of Creatine is also on of his top tips when it comes to nutrition and supplements.  If you are a serious lifter you can take BCAA and always ensure to take rest periods in your training.

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