5 Killer Tips for Staying Lean During the Holidays

Feb 15, 2019

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Can you believe it’s almost Christmas...

Can you believe the average person consumes 14,000 calories on Christmas Day and Boxing Day? How crazy is that? So what can we do if we are trying to lose weight? Christmas is a time to be enjoyed. I certainly have a more relaxed approach over the festive period. But, this isn't an excuse to go all out scoffing everything in site... It shouldn't be like feeding time at the zoo. However, you can certainly enjoy a bit of ice cream, some chocolates and a couple of glasses of wine guilt free.

Here are the 5 Killer SOS Tips for Staying Lean During The Holidays:

1. Train Every Day Before Breakfast

I'm not saying go out and run a marathon or try and find a gym that's open. We are certainly closed Christmas day. I'm talking about a real short, sharp and effective 15 minute metabolic booster. Done before breakfast....this will boost your metabolism, burn off some calories and improve your bodies tolerance to carbohydrates throughout the day.

2. Choose Your Treats

Staying Lean and Eating Health Food During Christmas SeasonWe all enjoy naughty foods over the Christmas period and that's cool, but choose your treats. • Are you going to have a large ice cream post dinner? • Are you going to have a bottle of wine with dinner? • Are you going to demolish a selection box? Or were you planning to do all three of the above and eat an excessive amount of pigs in blankets? See all of the above are fine as one off treats, but if you start doing all of the above this is where huge problems occur.

3. Drink Water With Meals

Lots of people end up guzzling empty calories of high sugar or alcoholic beverages with meals simply because they are thirsty. Drink water and this could easily help you with staying lean, save you several hundred calories a day and several thousand over the holiday period.

4. Stay Away From Things Like "Christmas Pudding"

Christmas pudding combines sugar, lots of carbs, lots of trans fats, gluten, yeast and alcohol simultaneously. So it's real bad!! It's packed with empty calories. Opt for some carrot cake or a small bowl of ice cream when you splurge. This can save you several hundred calories.

5. Don't Eat While Watching TV

Watching TV can send you into 'la la land' where you have little control of what you are actually eating. We have all eaten chocolate, tins of sweets or biscuits while watching our favorite TV shows or movies. Before you have even realized it, you have eaten the whole bag of sweets or tin of chocolates. So, be careful with this.

Plus Two BONUS Tips:

6. Stock Up On Vegetables

No doubt you will have a mountain of food on your plate for the annual christmas family dinner. But keep in mind that what you put on your plate is in your control. Fill up on nutrient rich vegetables rather than high calorie chocolate puddings, cheese, breads, or roasted potatoes.

7. Don't Get Drunk

Alcohol can really cloud your judgement and will give you the sugar cravings. People often make real bad decisions under the influence of booze and this also applies to food. So by all means have a drink and have fun, but don't get so drunk that you start phoning in delivery food or stealing the children's chocolates. Finally, please.... don't tell me you are going to do what most people do... "I'll just wait until after the New Year and start then start." If you were to eat well and train hard this week, Christmas would be much easier to get through without damaging all progress. During the holidays, people often make the huge mistake of put things off. By doing this, in the period leading up to Christmas people put on an average of 3-5 lbs. You have the option to really start your weight loss journey now and get ahead of the New Year Resolution 'Pack'. But, its going to take discipline... Staying Lean: Sam O'sullivanSam O'Sullivan is a highly respected and extremely sought after Personal Trainer in South Wales. He is the owner of SOS Athletic Excellence Gym in Cardiff. Sam is one of only a small selection of Charles Poliquin Biosignature / BioPrint practiotioners in Wales. This qualification has given Sam the knowledge to look in depth at clients hormones. He can then manipulate these hormones through food, exercise and correct supplementation to get you the Fastest and Most Effective results imaginable. Sam has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and works very closely with the group conditioning of several football teams in the area.

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