How Working Out Can Boost Your Sex Drive

February 15, 2019

The libido is a persons sex drive or overall desire for sexual activity. This is usually determined by biological, sociological or psychological factors. The male libido is highly determined by the level of testosterone that a male develops. Now as we all may know, a male starts to develop testosterone from around the age of 12, this development of testosterone will help to determine the deepness of the voice, bone mass, muscle development, and body hair.

How To Build Testosterone

1. Work Your Legs

Did you know that working out could boost your sex drive?  Testosterone levels could be raised through workouts that focus on the legs. Deadlifts, squats, leg raises, and leg curls are all moves that build testosterone. With a higher level of testosterone you will be able to build more lean muscle.

2. Sprint

Very short 6 second sprints will raise your testosterone levels and keep them high even after your workout is done. Try wind sprints around a track, sprint for 6 seconds then walk for 12. Keep this up until you finish circling the track at least twice.

Decreasing Testosterone

By age 30 it is said that a males testosterone decreases by 1% a year, this is only the start of a steady decline that the male goes through as he gets older. By the time a man is in his 40’s his erections don’t occur as often his sexual urge diminishes and building muscle becomes ten times more harder then when he was in his early 30’s or 20’s. Healthy eating and consistent exercise from a young age is one way that a man can try and keep his sex drive high as he gets older. Pills and supplements are also available but can sometimes have side effects.

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