Bodybuilding Hacks: More Sleep More Mass

February 15, 2019

Find out why you need to sleep more if you're looking to build more mass with rule #2 of our Bodybuilding Hacks series. Do you know exactly when to go to bed to maximize your gains?

Bodybuilding Hacks #2: The most change the body makes is during sleep. You need to force yourself to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep along with naps if you can sneak them in. Preferably the more hours you can get sleep in before midnight, the better. It has shown that going to bed around 9:00pm aides in better recovery and drastically helps in anti-aging benefits.
Doug Hall ( is a former college athlete and Kinesiology major. He has always had a passion for fitness and for helping others. His extensive career includes over 17 years of training and educating clients in various fitness facilities in Michigan, Idaho and around the country. He recently joined the team of celebrity trainer of the stars, “Eric the Trainer” in 2012. This venture has included training many of Hollywood’s brightest movie stars and celebrities, UFC fighters, professional athletes and entertainers in Burbank, California and on location.

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