The Truth about Carb Blockers. Do They Actually Work? Find Out

January 25, 2019


Welcome to the school for cheaters. In this video, I'm going to explain how you can bounce back from a cheat meal, but also how you can protect yourself, use some preventative measures before you dive into that chocolate before you dive into that cake. We all know that cheat meals are a part of training. They're a part of our nutrition plan, restoring leptin levels, restoring glycogen levels. It does a lot of good things. We just have to make sure that we're focusing on how to make sure it doesn't convert to fat.

You see, when we're looking at the process of having a cheat meal in general, what usually gets us isn't the fact that it's the excess calories. It's usually the combination of fats and carbs. You see, what happens when you consume carbohydrates ... You have a spike in insulin. That spike in insulin opens the cell doorway. When the cell doorway is open, it's open to everything that's in the bloodstream, including fats.

So what does a cheat meal usually consist of? It's usually combining some level of fats and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates, however, are the culprit. They are what is eliciting that insulin response that can cause you to gain fat. Insulin is the enemy here.

So how do we reduce that? Well, Sheer Carb Block has two simple ingredients that affect that dramatically, and as you know, I'm on the clinical advisory board and help dictate what goes into these products. The first one is simple, a no-brainer. Okay? EGCG, green tea extract. Has a huge impact on glucose metabolism, has a huge impact on gene expression, so it can actually help you burn fat in the process. But the additional component and the top-secret component of this product is the kidney bean extract. The white kidney bean extract.

What this white kidney bean extract does is act as a starch inhibitor. Literally becoming a carb blocker. And at first glance, that sounds kind of unhealthy. It's like, why are you blocking something from absorbing? But you're not actually blocking the absorption. You're slowing down the digestion of the actual starches, which is allowing them to either pass through your system before being absorbed or allowing them to stay in your digestive tract and actually ferment, which can feed good bacteria within your gut. So not only are you reaping the benefits of not elevating your blood glucose, you're actually helping out your gut bacteria in the process, as well, so you kind of get a double whammy.

But white kidney bean extract has another awesome fact to it, and that is that it affects our fat accumulation, as well. So it has a big effect on triglyceride levels and fat accumulation over time. In fact, there was a 2007 study that took two groups of people. One group of people consumed white kidney bean extract. The other group did not, but both groups consumed a very high carbohydrate diet, between 2000 and 2500 calories per day. Well, it was found that at the end of the protocol, at the end of the series, those that took the white kidney bean extract had a significantly less amount of fat accumulation and also had lower levels of glucose, meaning the carbohydrates were not impacting them as much.

What does this mean for you? It means when you're about to go to town on your planned cheat meal, take some Sheer Carb Block and get the most out of it. Get the most out of your cheat meal with the least impact on your waistline, and the most impact of that cheat meal where it needs to go, restoring your leptin levels and restoring your glycogen levels so you can give it all in the gym, give it all at your work, give it all with your family.

I'm Thomas DeLauer with Sheer Strength Labs. You keep it locked in gear and try out Sheer Block now while it's on a special offer. I'll see you soon.

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