Top 3 Ketosis Mistakes to Avoid

January 25, 2019


What's going on Sheer Strength crew? It's Thomas DeLauer, and today I'm breaking down the three most common mistakes when it comes down to living a ketogenic lifestyle.

Mistake #1: Not getting enough fats

The first one is simple. It's not getting enough fats. Here's what you need to know about ketosis. Most of the science out there talk about it being a 90% fat macro breakdown. Now I'm not going to ask you to eat that much fat. That's a ton of fat. But you do need to be closer to like 75 or 80 percent from fat. That means more than likely the protein amount that you are consuming is too high. You need to end up bringing that number down and bringing the fat up. If you don't have enough fat, your body can't produce ketone bodies. Plain and simple. If you don't have fat, you don't have energy. If you have too much protein, it gets converted to sugar. So it's really quite plain and easy.

Mistake #2: Not Measuring Properly

Now the number two mistake, that's simply not measuring properly. You need to be measuring. If you're not using urine strips that measure iodoacetates or you're not measuring your breath acetone or you're not measuring your beta-hydroxybutyrate levels in the blood, you're just guessing. ketosis is black and white, but it still is scientific. You still need to have the data to prove that you're there. Otherwise, you're just guessing. And is your health and your fat loss really not that important that you're just willing to guess on it? So make sure that you're using one of those three methods to test that you're truly in ketosis and determine what foods kick you out of ketosis or what kind of exercise might kick you out of ketosis. Because believe it or not, some exercise can kick you out of ketosis.

Mistake #3: Not Staying Hydrated

Now, third and foremost, stay hydrated. When you're in ketosis, it's extremely easy to get dehydrated simply because, for every one gram of carbohydrate that you consume, you hold close to four grams of water, so when those carbohydrates are out of the equation, so is that water, which means that your body is just having water rushing right through it. You need to make sure that you're adequately hydrated and you can add a little bit of salt to your water and that's going to help you out quite a bit.

Now, here's a quick bonus tip as well because it's not one of the three core mistakes, but it's one that I still want to address. Take care of your gut health. Consume something like bone broth. Make sure that you're taking your glutamine, make sure that you are taking care of your gut because a high-fat diet can be sometimes hard on your gut.

As always, keep it locked in here with Sheer Strength Labs, and if you need help getting into ketosis, make sure you check out the Sheer Ketones and leverage the power of beta-hydroxybutyrate to really get the feeling of ketosis day in and day out. I will see you soon.


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