Why Ketosis Gives You More Energy - Get a Better Workout Following Ketogenic Diet

January 25, 2019


Here's the flat out facts as to why ketosis gives you more energy and will flat out allow you to have a better workout. I'm just gonna make this really super simple so that you know the solid facts. Fat contains nine calories per gram. Carbohydrates contain four calories per gram. Okay, protein also contains four calories per gram. Well, do the math. If your body is utilizing fats as a source of fuel, it's like your running on twice the amount of energy with the same amount of food. So, therefore, when your body is efficient at utilizing fats as a source of fuel, it's like your running on jet fuel versus gasoline. I always compare it to running on 87 octane versus true jet fuel or racing fuel. That's why your body becomes so efficient. Now that process takes time in order for your body to convert into utilizing those facts. That's why exogenous ketones are great because they get your body primed towards using those ketones as a source of fuel.

Again, you have to think of it like two separate fuel tanks. One with your 87 octane and one with your jet fuel. In order to get your body using the jet fuel, you have to get through the 87 octane and burn through that tank, and then you have to start using the jet fuel. So you have to get through that kind of rocky period where you don't feel so great. That's again, where exogenous ketones come into play and help you feel a lot better, so you can get to use that jet fuel that much faster. The body prefers to use ketones as a source of fuel. The problem is that we constantly are being bombarded with carbohydrates that are acting as a blockage, constantly filling up that 87 octane gasoline tank, so that we can never get that precious jet fuel that's buried deep within our body. So that's how it works, plain and simple.

I'm gonna do a lot more videos breaking down the science of ketosis, but I think it's helpful to have that solid baseline understanding so that you know that it's a way that you can live your life and a way that you won't just feel good, but you'll truly get the most out of your workouts by living this style. So I'll see you in the next video. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Sheer exogenous ketone line coming out here very soon. See you soon.

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