Sheer at its simplest form is committed to empowering every one of you to find the athlete within yourself while becoming the healthiest version of you. We seek to only use high quality, tested, and true ingredients to help you be stronger, act faster and live healthier. 



Our Story 

At Sheer Strength Labs, our mission is to empower everyone to find the athlete inside themselves while simultaneously becoming the healthiest version of themselves. We seek to use only reputable and naturally sourced ingredients to help you be stronger, act faster and live healthier. 


We were regular fitness-minded people, like many of you, looking at how we could incorporate supplements into our daily routines. This journey left us feeling confused, a little lost, and even a little hopeless. As we looked at the products on the market and the ingredients and additives in them, we began to feel worse because it looked like that is what we would have to settle for.


Not all supplements are created equal. There are far too many supplements on the market that are either low quality or packed with ingredients you don’t want and don’t need. Some of them don’t contain what’s on the label, and others contain hidden things that aren’t on the label. 

We were determined to be different. Our goal from the beginning was to create products that make living healthy a little easier for all of us. So we researched, and tested, and tested some more….until we could completely and confidently deliver products that work. Our research led to results. Results you can see and feel.


Simple and transparent – our products are nothing other than Sheer

Welcome to Sheer Strength.