“ I'm in my mid fifties and am more into endurance (paddling) than muscle building. Actually, I purchased Sheer NO2 to help with my blood pressure. I'm not on medication, but my BP has been keeping up despite my workouts.As a baseline, my BP readings regardless of the time of day was about 140/105, give or take 5 points. After about a week on NO2, my readings dropped significantly down, to ridiculous levels that I haven't seen in a long time, like 118/85. I'm on my second bottle now, and I take it regularly. My BP has crept up into something still very respectable: 120/90. I'll continue to take NO2, and I even put in a subscription order on Amazon. Thanks Sheer Strength Labs! ”

“Great product. I've used a bunch of different pre workouts and I believe this to be the best all round one. The flavor is great, the pump was awesome, and gave me energy without the jitters. The only downside is the price. I personally would use this on a regular basis. I also have purchased the post recovery and NO capsules. I will continue to buy from SHEER. Great company. ”

“ I’m loving the results so far. I've been taking the supplement for the past couple weeks now and I've lost weight, toned up, and reduced my waist size. If you have ever struggled with your weight or are stuck at a plateau; you need to give this a try. This product kicked my metabolism into gear and I feel more energetic. I can’t wait to see my end results. I plan to take this for a period of time and then keep it on hand and only take as needed once I reach my goal. It has definitely surpassed my expectations. All around awesome product! I am pleased with my first purchase from this company so I am rating them 5 stars!! ”


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